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We offer great commissions, but most of our affiliates endorse us for a different reason: the quality of service. If you want to recommend a property online marketplace that won’t fail your customers, readers, or friends, join our affiliate program now!

High Commissions with Weekly Payouts and Short Withhold Period

The more you refer, the higher the commission per sale. Not only that, but we pay out weekly without minimum payout thresholds. And, we only have a short withhold period of 30 days.

1-5 Sales /mo ₦500 /sale
6-10 Sales /mo ₦750 /sale
11-20 Sales /mo ₦1,000 /sale
21+ Sales /mo Custom Commissions

Easy Ways to Refer Clients and Earn Commissions

Referring clients is really easy. Get your affiliate link and put it on your site, in social media posts, videos, or give it to your contacts in conversations and follow-up emails. We have prepared a special guide to help you do just that!

Tools For Affiliate Success

Check out all the perks you get to help you earn big.

Attractive visuals

We have created a large set of banners to appeal to different type of users as well as helpful screenshot images to help you engage your visitors.

Complimentary Listing

All our affiliates get one year of free listing so you can try the service and speak from the heart when recommending us. Genuine reviews deliver the best results.

Reliable in-house tracking

We built and manage our own reliable tracking system with a cookie that lasts 60 days and a detailed reporting of your activity.

Custom landing page

Affiliates who are actively referring can have a custom landing page created by our designers to help them convert their traffic even better.

Campaign tools

You can create and separately track different marketing campaigns in order to find out what works best for your audience and easily optimize your marketing efforts.

Great affiliate support

Our team of affiliate managers is dedicated to help you succeed with personalised tips and best practices in order to help you earn more.

Ready To Become An Affiliate?

Partner with Sterlinghre Property Marketplace and earn big commissions for every sale you refer.

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    High Commissions With Monthly Payouts

    High Commissions

    The Online Real Estate industry is Not popular for affiliate commissions and Sterlinghre is determined to change this narrative and among the highest payers. We reward you for your work and endorsement of our service.

    Weekly Payments & No Minimum Payout

    We pay your commissions monthly, even if you only made one sale. You can also choose to place a threshold on the payments and get your commissions paid out in bulk.

    Short Withhold Period

    We have a short withhold period of 30 days after the sale is made. The withhold period is the length of our money-back period. Once we verify the sale is valid, we reward you for your effort.

    Easy Ways to Refer Clients

    The referral process is really easy once you sign up and get your affiliate link. All you need to do is make that link accessible to your audience. We have prepared a friendly guide, which helps you understand the basics of the affiliate program and gives you fresh ideas for how to refer clients to us.

    Attractive Visuals

    Our affiliates get access to promotional banners and images they can use on their websites. We have provided the most popular banner sizes out of the box, but you are welcome to request a size that’s not in the list. There are also several banners with variations in theme and message so you can choose which one best suits your website.

    Complimentary Listings

    Once you sign up for the affiliate program, you can activate a 1-year membership (GOLD) plan for free. The Gold package has the full range of services available on our platform, which you can try yourself and then share your feedback with your visitors.

    Reliable in-house Tracking

    Our affiliates can rely on our internal tracking system that stores a cookie for the visitor for as long as 60 days. If the sale is complete within that period it will be recorded as your referral. You get access to a detailed statistics that show you how many clicks and sales you have sent to us.

    Custom Landing Page

    The more clients you refer, the more important your conversion rates become. A custom landing page with content specific to your referrals may help boost your conversions.

    Campaign Tools

    We provide you with tools that allow you to create separate campaigns for the different marketing initiatives that you start. For example, you can track the performance of two different promotional pages on your site and see which one converts better.

    Great Affiliate Support

    Our affiliates can rely on the friendly support of our affiliate team. We not only reply to your inquiries quickly and efficiently, but we also proactively reach out to help you optimize your promotional efforts and boost your results.