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Question about Sterlinghre

We are not estate agents but we aim to be the place for Nigerian property seekers to find details of all properties available to buy or rent.

Sterlinghre Marketplace is a social review network that connects home buyers, sellers and homeowners with top rated real estate agents. At Kanohall Marketplace, we believe that every consumer has the right to make the most informed decision possible based on their individual needs. Kanohall Marketplace gives consumers the power to review and compare real estate agents, their service levels and much more.

While Sterlinghre encourages all our agents to provide us full property details with as much information as possible, not all agents are able and some choose not to comply. Sometimes, an agent might want to post a newly available property before s/he has had an opportunity to take photographs or prepare a full description. If you want more information on a property you have seen on Sterling Homes platform, we recommend that you contact the agent directly by filling a form directly attached of that listed property.

Sterlinghre is not itself an Estate Agent. We only display the properties provided to us. We recommend that you contact the estate agent or developer who is marketing the property if you require further information. The agent’s contact details are on the property details page. You can call the phone number provided or use the “Tell me more about this property” contact form on the property details page to email the agent with your questions.

We’re sorry that the agent or developer you contacted has not promptly replied to your request. We are constantly working with our members to insure that they quickly respond to queries. The best way to make sure your queries are answered immediately is by calling the agent directly.

Question about Listings

Are you looking for a needle in a haystack? Sterlinghre to the rescue! You can use Sterlinghre to search for a property and narrow this search down to the very street, type of property and price range. Sterlinghre is very flexible to use. It gives you total control in your search for property.

For any property you are interested in on the site, you can make further enquiries for a property you are interested in and get instant response through email or even get called by the agent. When you’ve found a property that meets your taste, you can arrange for viewing so as to physically inspect the property. All these tasks you can perform from the comfort of your office, room and what-have-you, through the use of the internet.

Perhaps, you are not yet ready to get a house. But you’d loved to keep track of any future property that is listed on the site that falls within a category in a particular area. You can set up an alert from the site to get email notifications whenever any property that meets your alert criteria gets listed.

You need to let those who may be interested in the properties know about them. You want them to be able to contact you easily if they are interested.

As you list your property on Sterlinghre, property-seekers get to know about those properties and then get in touch with you.

Home owners who are also looking for agents to help lease-out or sell their property will also get in touch with you to help them do the job. Once you are registered, we recommend you to whoever is looking for agents in the area where your office is located.

You can also place premium adverts of your property so that for every search, your property get recommended in our featured property bar.

It cost zero naira! You don’t have to pay to use Sterlinghre to find or list your property. You can list as many properties as you have the legal right to. However, if you want to advertise on the platform or get your properties listed in the featured bar, we charge you a very small amount for that. We make money through advertisement.

By using it! Experience Sterlinghre! When you find a property you like or that one of your loved ones might like, you can send them the link to that property or share the property on WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the other social networks. You can also send your loved ones links to the website or property through an email.

And don’t forget, if you know anyone that need to rent, buy or sell a property, just tell them to go to, Nigeria’s real estate marketplace.

Visit our Help center for more information. OR Find Answers Instantly with our Searchable Knowledgebase.

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